Friday, November 23, 2012

Dana Hamm Fan Club

dana hamm
 Dana Hamm has a new fan club. If you want Dana Hamm videos, pictures, wallpapers, or bikini or swimsuit fashion you can get hot Dana Hamm here:

Dana Hamm was born August 31, 1979 in North Carolina. Dana was born to an entrepreneur father and beauty queen mother. During her childhood, Dana attended private school and was quite a tomboy at heart. She loved to fish, BMX bike, and horseback ride. Around age 16, Dana became excellent in fine arts, English and science. After graduating from high school, Dana attended college and earned her bachelors degree in Psychiatric Social Work. During college, Dana became a fitness trainer and devoted as much time to working out as she did to her schoolwork. Dana decided to put her good looks to work and aimed to start modeling. However, Hamm wisely decided not to go through modeling agencies like Next. Instead Dana appeared on a popular talk show (Jenny Jones) as one of America’s new faces. This television appearance helped her to gain notoriety and popularity as a famous model. Dana is one of the most popular and famous members of MySpace.Com. Hamm is commonly referred to as “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman or The Sexiest Women Alive”. Dana Hamm is one of the most successful print models of all time. Dana Hamm has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars. Cited by popular media as one of The World’s Most Beautiful Women and often compared to the likes of Angelina Jolie.

See Dana Hamm video below:

dana hamm

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